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19 June 2013


I took a poll on my Facebook page. You can view it here, and maybe even vote if you want to. Which may explain why no one commented on my Thailand travel blog (part two!) because you guys just don't want to read stuff that isn't stuff that is happening inside my head. Fair enough. (I might also suggest you follow me on Twitter because that is a LOT of head stuff.)

But I'm trying to spread out this blog a little bit. I'd like to be less personal, less day-to-day and more a repository of good writing. And I don't just mean my writing--although, I would like to do more stuff, I mean you could write too. I'm going to be taking guest contributors, and you can view more details on the Submit page.

This doesn't mean what I say is going to change. It just means that more stuff might be able to happen. It's still a personal blog--but maybe a personal blog with a few different points of view. That's nice, isn't it? I think so.

Write like a red dress.


  1. Hi! I almost never comment but wanted to comment now. I really like your blog and I read all your stuff (through Google Reader, which is why I never comment, also often don't have anything to say). I like your blog because you've given me a completely different point of view about India and life in India than what I'm used to. You also write very honestly, about honest stuff and sometimes a bit controversial stuff. I think that's what I like most about your blog, so I personally do like the stuff that is happening in your head, I guess.

    But how so ever, I also like your general writing style so whatever you would write, I would still follow you! Good luck with your plans for the blog :)

  2. hi , i cant seem to read ur thailand post .

  3. Hiii! I did try a few times to click on the link & access your blog entries abt your trip to Thailand....but unable to open....part 1 & 2 just to let you know...its not us :-))

  4. before u change, can u pls write a personal blog on how ur ex-boyfriends feel now that u r a celebrity? pls add drama ur like ur old days and give us a funny read, just to give my female ego a boost?


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