2 September 2015

Today in Photo

Since my laptop was the unfortunate victim of a coffee spill (sob sob) I'm drowning my sorrows in the printed word. Finished The Devotion Of Suspect X which many of you recommended, then had a No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency morning and afternoon & now moving on to Nisha Da Cunha's short stories. The back cover describes her as one of India's finest short story writers, which makes me wonder why I've never heard of her before. Two pages into the first story and it is golden. My hoarding instincts which lead to lots of unread books languishing (sometimes so forgotten that I buy a second copy) have paid off. #nowreading #bookstagram

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  1. Glad to have sampled some of what you are reading via your entertaining Today in Photo series! :) Have put some of these in my own to-read list, which is getting longer and longer.


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