2 December 2015

Today in Photo

Hello from the Penguin Random House office! Here I am in the front lobby and obviously I had to get a selfie of what I was greeted by! It's so pretty, each time I see it I want to pet it. #bookstagram #marketing101

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  1. There was a book I'd read from School Library.. the splitting image of Nancy Brown. Was about a teenage girl, coming to know of her parents' upcoming divorce and how she deals with it and life after. The book 'Split' seems too similar. Is it?

  2. Are you talking about It's Not The End Of The World by Judy Blume? There are books written about the theme of divorce before obviously, but all are different--I mean, it's like saying "i read a book about love, is yours similar?". If you're curious, read it :)


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