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20 November 2016

Newsletter: Making a spectacle of myself

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This week in new accessories: The biggest news I have for you this week is that I got glasses. No, not drinking glasses (although we did realise that we didn't have any tall glasses left, so I ordered a set online--with cut glass bottoms, which one of us calls "Addams Family" and the other thinks are really fancy. I'll let you guess which is which.) No, I mean spectacles, which make me think of Benjamin Franklin, inventor of--among other things--the bifocals. (Have you seen that great animated movie about Benjamin and the mouse that lives in his house? It's called Ben and Me, and is a 1953 Disney short film. Watch here.)

 Anyway, back to the glasses. K and I did "mall day" as our anniversary celebration, which is very exciting for two people who never leave the house, and we decided to make a quick stop at the mall optician for an eye test. Long story short: I need glasses, but not like in a I'll-be-super-blind-if-I-take-them-off way, but just to make my vision sharper. Also, they add great value to my "look." Which is basically Zooey Deschanel meets Monica when she comes back from the Bahamas.

This week in food and drink: At aforementioned mall day, we had lunch at Yauatcha, which I've been meaning to try. They had a great set lunch deal, Rs 1074 ++ including a glass of sparkling and with three sets of dim sums each, two mains and two noodles/rice, we were stuffed. Recommend!

Also in Asian food, went to the Asian Hawker's Market, one of Delhi's new "food festivals" which is basically a bunch of restaurants getting together and selling food at the same restaurant prices in an open area. Kinda pointless, if you ask me. I'd like, for example, one of these Grub Palate what have yous to also have individual portions, so you can graze, maybe an assortment box with best of, maybe more food trucks and home caterers so it's not always the same five people, you know? However, I did eat a lot of sushi wandering about Select City Walk's outdoor courtyard yesterday, which was nice. Everything nice was sold out or closed by the time we got there (.9.30 pm) so if you're planning to go tomorrow, go a little early. But it's also the mall on Sunday, so order in from Noshi instead, one of the new places we tried, Yum Yum Tree's sushi delivery service which also has ramen etc on the menu. 

Then, against my better judgement, also went to HKV on Friday night, but I think either a) Friday is not a popular night or b) HKV is done, because the traffic was not terrible and the crowds were not so crowdy. In fact, shouters at various bars kept urging me to come in ("free drinks for ladies!") so next time I plan to take them ALL up on it, and just get drunk for free, barhopping in HKV. I went to Roost for a live band, which was nice, but whose name I never learned, so there's that.

Earlier in the week, made the trek to Gurgaon, where the Uber driver did not trust his own navigation system and RIGHTLY SO because bloody Google maps sent us on some u-turn mission. FINALLY, after ducking into a side lane in Vasant Kunj to rejoin the highway, we wound up on the WORST road I have ever been on, and right in the middle of the city too. So strange. Anyway, was in Gurgaon to watch Radhika Vaz (more on her below!) at Manhattan Exchange, one of those bars where you watch the prices of the drinks rise and fall and then order accordingly, which seems gimmick-y but which I also had great fun with. However, Gurgaon.

This week in live events: Radhika Vaz's new show Older, Angrier, Hairier, which I very much enjoyed in a "it's funny because it's true" way and also because she talked a lot about pooping and vaginas. The show could have done with a few edits though, some "bits" went on a it, but all in all, would recommend! It was more performance art/spoken word and less stand up, but still worth a watch. I also liked her warm-upper, a young woman named Sonal? Sonali? Jeez, I am terrible with names, but she was very good too.

This week in stuff I wrote: My fortnightly feminism column on dating manuals from the 1990s is quite true and funny too, I think.

This week in great stuff I bought: One is endlessly grateful to Ameya (hi!) for introducing me to the Body Shop line of hair care for curly hair. I've been using the shampoo and conditioner for a while, but recently splurged also on the Brazil Nut curl define serum, which is OMG YOU GUYS SO GREAT. Everyone's all, "I love your hair!" But also it is what passes for fall in Delhi, which is basically the season in which I look my best (very small window, which is why I socialise so much this time of the year.)

Oh also, I bought this little wheely plastic box to take my laundry to and from the washing machine, which may not seem very exciting, but listen, if you had three cats hell bent on OUT? OUT! WHEE! each time you open the front door, you too would appreciate having a wheely crate so at least you're not juggling an armful of clothes and cats besides. (Oh, but you might not have your washing machine outside your front door, I forget that this is not normal.  We had nowhere else to put it, so it lives in a nice cupboard on the landing.)

Reading list: Hot chaiwalla ** Why the internet's love for the hot chai walla is unethical and classist. ** Letters to Michelle Obama. ** Why you should have never come to Goa in the first place, guys. ** Why Marmee from Little Women is evil and other thoughts on the text. ** Prayaag on how he moved to Mumbai for his then-girlfriend and now wife and what it taught him about his own ideas of masculinity. ** Jokes for feminists. ** Wiki time suck: people who disappeared mysteriously. **

Have a great week!

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  1. You have three cats? Jeez, how you manage to wash clothes also I don't understand.
    Anyway, you're a great writer, and Gurgaon needs reform, do write it up sometime so that someone somewhere hears it and does something about the Gurgaon roads.


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