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29 December 2021

Today in Photo

Yesterday, out to buy some things from the Indian supermarket (including pricey dosa batter which I intend to make at home in the future but we were right THERE and it was right there too) we passed this bevy of swans on the river. Look how beautiful they are. I felt bad that they had to sit in the semi frozen river but they were having a grand time, swimming all the way up to the ice and then standing on it with their webbed feet. Right next to them was a street market where we bought all sorts of yummy things like a wedge of camembert and rose hips for tea (full of vit c, very good for you) and flat bread for our dinner to go with my instant pot dal makhani and clementines and as we exited, a man selling crates of mangoes from South America for €2 a pop, the cheapest I've ever heard of mangoes! So we bought a crate and now I will cook with them because they don't look very ripe. The second photo is of the imposing Soviet gates on Frankfurter Tor, very close to our new house, where I walk and pretend to be an East German spy, which is also fun in the cold and the dark. I'm rereading Stasiland so full of ideas. #berlinna #swanlake #urbanexplorer #berlin #tvtower

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