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25 August 2007

Things I Just Thought

(So I can prove to you exactly how random my brain is)

* The blue Sarojini Nagar skirt with the blue top Ma got me. Heels? Maybe. The word skirt is funny. I never really thought about it before, but skirt. Were people stoned when they invented these words? Stoned even. Is it supposed to feel like a stone hit your head?

* Ooh, maybe I need spectacles.

* If thunder thunders, why doesn't lightening lighten? Lightening flashes something something something. Wait, where's my iTunes icon? Oh there it is.

* How can someone who is TWENTY FUCKING FIVE still get zits? Seriously. Considering I was smooth faced as a baby's bottom all through my adolescence. Are babies bottoms really smooth? Investigate.

* I make good coffee. Is it time for me to get waxed again? No, that's just some ingrown hair. Ew. Although if I poke it, it comes out all curly. Is that weird? This one time, I was lighting a cigarette and the lighter wouldn't come on so I held it near my face and singed my eyelashes. The erstwhile Nonboyfriend said I had the longest eyelashes EVER. I tried to measure them the other day, but they curl at the tips, so it's hard. Do people with curly hair have curly eyelashes?

* Erstwhile is a good word.

* As is rapport.

* Do I have enough money to get drunk tonight? No, I don't think so. It's almost September! Whee! I wonder where my damn credit card is. I applied for it in JULY. Although I'm not very good with the whole paying later thing.

* I really should shower.

* I wonder why no one eats cats. Or dogs. Way back when they were evolving, who picked chickens and goats and cows and decided cats aren't good eating? I think it's because they're just so damn cute. But evil. My cat, to announce his displeasure at me leaving him for TWO WHOLE DAYS, pissed all over my bed. Stupid animal. He didn't even touch Shark Tooth's bed, and he loves him just as much. I'd eat him served up with a nice gravy and french fries right now, only he's being all rumbly and purry and it's hard to hate him.

*Mmmmmmmmmmm. French fries.


  1. ok, don't mean to be anal, but it's lightning not lightEning.

    and people *do* eat dogs. (sick though that may sound to you and me) they eat dogs in Thailand, and even in India, in the north east.
    Apparently, they have no stray dogs there!

  2. the chinks eat cats as well.

    they'd probably make a soup out of the one staring out of eM's home page!!!!

    might cure a baby's cold or something.

  3. Lightning doesn't lighten, it crashes, and an old mother dies.

  4. there are people out there in the universe (not so far away from your geographical location too I'm sure!) who eat cats and dogs. hmmm..

    i don't like erstwhile.. it gives me the creeps somehow. although i think "random" is genius!

  5. when I was in the north east, my neighbours were these naga dudes who used to keep petting my dog and feeding it good stuff. They would keep licking their lips too.
    I was told the nagaeatingdogs story and screamed my ass off on those guys....its a tough eat dog world that is..

  6. to loosely use a quote from pulp fiction, perhaps people chose/choose what animals to eat based on their personality.

  7. thats not true people in korea eat dogs, maneka gandhi has filed a complaint against the s korean hc , accusing him of eating up all the stray dogs in his area !

    we dont really eat dogs and cats because they can bite us back and harm us, that is why nobody really tried them out ( i guess) , chickens dont bite (do they ?) that is why they are called
    " chickens"

  8. Skirt, cats, french fries, i tunes icon, hair, eye lashes - all in 1 post.
    You gave arbit a totally new dimension. Fun reading though.

  9. i like your non party posts SO much more. they're more you.

  10. Rapport is indeed a good word.

  11. And speaking of dogs (yes they are indeed consumed most jubilantly in the North east, and lots of south-east asian countries...but then they eat anything) dogs are also force-fed rice and then taken by their tails and whirled round and round and round and round.
    And then the lovely, fragrant regurgitated, digested rice is consumed feverishly. So there.

    Also, hi :) from a fellow delhi-la.

  12. Eating 'cat' may be a little more enjoyable if it wasn't for that fishy smell.

  13. Life's all random. Why can't we be? Go girl!

  14. Tribes in the north east eat dogs. It is a delicacy! :)

  15. Hi lil eM.. tis me ..FF.
    We dont eat dog, cats and horses because they are intelligent and thus we have a RAPPORT with them.
    Keep a goat/sheep/chicken/cow for a week.. a year... and then on Dassehra ( or any other time when animals are sliced open) tie it up with others dogs who are being slaughtered, it wont react.. it'll stand stupidly and blink till its slaughtered and then be served as tikkas.
    Keep a dog or cat or horse for a while and then line it up with others to be slaughtered and see how it begs, loves, pleads, cajoles, cries... and breaks your heart before you slice its neck... they understand. we eat animals that dont understand coz its easier to eat someone or something you dont have an emotional connection with.
    WHich is why Hannibal Lecter didnt eat the detective in Silence of The lamb chops...

  16. Hello there,
    stumbled upon your blog (the compulsive confessor) the other day and had a look at your library. I am curious and wanted to know if you've read all those books that are present in your list. I happen to be fond of reading love love books...but I am a slow reader and it takes me a lot of days to get done with a book. I was wondering if you could advise me as to how to increase my reading speed. Also, if you could please suggest me some books to read in order to improve my written expression, I'd be grateful.


    Oh and I thoroughly enjoyed your blog. keep writing!!

  17. *chinese eat dogs.

    *in school, we had this french medium thing, and in science classes the teacher would go ParaPora ... and i wondered and wondered about till we finally got our hands on some written material: it was "par rapport รก" ... so much for the beauty of the word rapport.


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