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3 November 2012

A list of reasons why I haven't been super regular with posts this week

1) Yesterday my car broke down in the middle of Baba Kharak Singh Marg. Do you know this road? I didn't want to, but I became very familiar with it over the course of yesterday. It begins with Mohan Singh Place, where you buy bolts of cloth (friend I was with went a bit crazy buying corduroy, and finally, I succumbed to heart patterned denim for skinny fit jeans) and ends with the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara. In the middle is a multi level parking lot where we had some fun watching the car go away on a lift and be returned to us, all very poshly. Halfway out of it, it gave a funny jerk and then just stopped entirely. Some friendly men pushed it, but no luck. I went to call a mechanic from a nearby petrol station, but even with his jumper cables, no luck. We called Hyundai repairs, no luck. Finally, I gave up and called a tow truck and we hitched a ride home in the back of that which was awesome. I felt a bit like a queen. A traffic violating queen, but a queen nonetheless.
Knight in shining tow truck

My car is almost ten years old (we have the same birthday!). Maybe it's time to change it, but new cars are SO EXPENSIVE, and I don't want to change a Santro to an i10, you know? I want to change a Santro to a.. oh, Mercedes or something. What's the point of getting a new car if you keep getting the same car over and over? Facetiousness aside, you guys, what's the best budget-y car for a self-driver, with fun features and mileage and all that jazz? Please help! (I'd like it to last another ten years or something.)

2) I was busy Instagramming things and not writing about them. Boy, did I learn my lesson about the Micromax. Completely shitty phone, and now I have a rather expensive paperweight. Here's my update to that last post. This time, spending more money ARGH, I bought a Sony Xperia Tipo, which is very normal, but nice, Sony-esque, and I don't have to put a string of searches into Google to trouble shoot. A lot of people have the Sony.  The camera is okay--the guy in the shop compared it to the iPhone, no, not a hardsell, because I'd already paid for it--but let's get real. It's 3MP, without a flash, but the regular camera has a decent night mode. Plus in the day time, my pictures do turn out rather nice.

Rekha, the sniffer dog.

TC, the footstool cat.

Self portrait, palm reading

Double filtered watering can.

Raavan burning

3) I was busy doing publicity things. My new book will be out VERY SOON (will post covers and blurbs and details here shortly) and so the whirlwind has kinda started. I was in this month's issue of Marie Claire, talking about the internet.
Hair = crazy!

And I was in an Airtel video

So, Airtel is sponsoring some of ThinkFest in Goa? And so they get to have a special sponsored panel or some such, and one of the speakers is me! Which means I leave for Goa very shortly and I'm super excited, because I LOVE GOA. I think I was Goan in a previous birth.

So, those are my excuses. But I'm back on Tuesday, and then off to Bombay for Diwali after, so proper regular programming will start after the festive season, but you guys are probably too super busy with cards parties (WHY IS NO ONE INVITING ME?) to care, right? Right.  Have a good weekend! 


  1. Heya eM!
    Here's another inspired-by-you blogger on the block!
    Been going through your archives.I read through 2004...and here comes the cliché...its absolutely fantastically wonderful!
    Third book already??
    Wow.Kudos girl!
    Happy GoaFest and gives a nice chatpata report about what happened there...soon!

    1. I LOVE your writing style. Except that all I know it is through your blog since your books aren't available in Karachi.
      My knowledge of Goa is limited to Bollywood films so would love to see a non-filmi Goa. Are you taking your tripod?

    2. How about the Nano? It's a lovely, compact car and very efficient. We drove it 300 km in three days when we were in Goa a month back and it was just wonderful! In fact, the husband and I are planning on buying a Nano given what a practical car it is and this is Delhi we're talking about.

  2. My dope of eM finally.. Relief! I take you won't be available until Diwali at least.. so here's wishing you a happy happy Diwali. Goa this time of the year is wonderful, weather is awesome and it is not all that crowded, as it is during the whole Christmas-new year mania.. So have fun and bring us back some Goa with you. tata

  3. Congrats! That's a fab and interesting event, the ad has come out awesome as well. You look fab and I love your hair! You make them look so chic and manageable. Have fun

  4. you look super eM!! the best i have seen you (on the web, of course)and you look so much younger than your 30 years. love your clicks as well, esp of tc curled up. all the best for your new book, let us have a sneak-peek to it please!

  5. Um, you guys are awesome. (and super flattering, thank you!) have a great diwali and I promise to post from Bombay this weekend!

  6. u r really different ...... and hey really nice hair


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